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When I talked to high performance engine impresario Gale Banks at the Detroit Grand Prix a couple of months ago, he mentioned a new project his team is working on. The follow up to the diesel-powered Pro Stock pickup truck is a diesel-powered dragster. Banks Power is currently putting the finishing touches on an NHRA Top Dragster propelled by a 1,200 hp GM Duramax 6.6L diesel V8. The goal is to have this machine be capable of doing consistent 1/4 mile runs at over 200 mph. The new dragster will

Aftermarket performance shops have offered performance tuners for a wide variety of vehicles for years. Typically, these tuners - which plug into the vehicle diagnostic port - are used to adjust the engine calibrations for more power. Banks Power is now introducing a turner called the EconoMind that lets diesel truck owners optimize their engines for improved power delivery but more importantly improved mileage. By skewing the calibration curves, Banks claims that the EconoMind can improve milea

You may already be aware that diesel engines have the inherent capability to make a great deal of power. This fact has once again been proven by Gale Banks and his crew. In addition to owning the World Record for the fastest diesel pickup truck ever at 217.306 miles per hour in the standing mile, Banks now can claim the fastest time ever down the quarter mile drag strip. The new record, 7.96 seconds at 167.34 miles per hour was set in Banks' Sidewinder S-10 pickup using a 2006 Duramax diesel eng