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Flame-Surfaced Computers? Chris Bangle reportedly signs deal with Samsung

Chris Bangle, the controversial former head of BMW design, has joined forces with Samsung to oversee the design of notebooks and phones. Bangle, you may recall, left BMW in 2009 after 17 years to focus on his own design projects.

Video: Documentary provides a peek into the mind of controversial designer Chris Bangle

Inframe interviews Chris Bangle – Click above to watch video after the jump

CAR catches up with designer Chris Bangle - Will he resurface after March 2010?

There's little question Chris Bangle is one of the greatest designers of his generation. His cars were rarely pretty, but their influence resonated around the automotive world like a pipe bomb in an echo chamber. Much like cutting edge graphic design is born inside art school graduate schools years before it's ready for massive public consumption, Bangle's Bimmers were ahead of their time. And they changed nearly everything. Controversial? Of course, but that's how the public digests new design.

Officially Official: BMW drops the details on its 2010 5 Series Gran Turismo [w/VIDEO]

2010 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo - Click above for high-res image gallery

BMW influencing low-cost housing with GINA Concept?

The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model was not only about doing more with your car, it was about multiplying the concept of what kind of object a car could be. BMW's design chief ,Chris Bangle, the man behind the BMW GINA Concept, was a recent guest professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and brought the vision of GINA with him.

Tie a pork chop around its neck - Telegraph counts down 100 ugliest cars

It didn't start off as a way for readers of England's Telegraph newspaper to engage in the popular pastime of bashing American cars, but it wound up that way. To be fair, there are plenty of odd and ugly vehicles from all over the place on the Telegraph's list of the 100 ugliest cars of all time, and the voters didn't beat up on the colonies too badly. With so much homegrown hideousness to choose from, we can see how they'd be reluctant to throw stones.

Spy Shots: Next-gen BMW 7-Series showing almost everything

BMW's current E65/66 7-Series has been roundly bashed since its introduction in 2002, and it's creeping up on retirement. Whether it was deserving of all the uproar or not is down to taste, but following up the classically styled E38 while also making a turn toward a new ethos is a 1-2 punch of controversy. BMW's finally grown into its flame surfacing, and the 2009 7-Series has been nabbed in its peculiar paisley camouflage.

Spy Shots: 2009 BMW 7-series

Although the BMW 7-series has undergone some mild styling tweaks over the past few years, it seems that more is on the way, all in an effort to tighten the reigns of the mangled Bangled versions that caused drivers to bleed from their eyes.

BMW: From Ultimate Driving Machine to Official Car of the Creative Class

BMW might be willingly giving up its title of the Ultimate Driving Machine... at least in its advertising. BMW execs were shocked to find out that a whopping 75-percent of luxury car buyers aren't considering a BMW, despite the brand's dominance in terms of sales. The answer? Push design and financial independence, and have the brass to develop advertising campaigns that draw the creative class, not simply stuffy old business types.