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Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. One man's artistic expression in vehicular form may make another man vomit uncontrollably. While this particular vehicle probably falls on the latter end of the spectrum for most, we felt like we had to share. Perhaps it will inspire other designers to come up with something less hideous more to their liking. Bangladeshi automotive artist Leepu Awila created his RMX-1 as more of a design study than a functional concept.

Bangladesh's car trade has virtually lurched to a standstill on account of... tinted windows. The country's government banned the importation of new and used vehicles that have smoked glass on December 12, 2005, putting serious crimp in the nation's flow of vehicles. It is estimated that the government has been losing revenue at the rate of Tk 300 million/day (or $4.5M USD for the currency-challenged) thanks to this law.

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