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Kickstarter Kombat: XploreAir Paravelo Flying Bicycle vs. Herobike Semester Bamboo Bicycle

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How to unload a truckload of bamboo poles

Have you ever wondered why home improvement delivery trucks have that little forklift piggybacking on the back of the trailer? To make unloading all the heavy supplies easier, of course. But what happens if you're trying to unload a massive amount of bamboo quickly and without a forklift? For this driver, the answer is to get creative.

Phoenix Roadster weaves bamboo into biodegradable vehicle

Bamboo offers plenty of advantages over traditional manufacturing materials. Besides being a fast-growing plant that can be produced in a range of environments, bamboo can be impressively strong and rigid. Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albercht Birkner have teamed up to create a new concept that aims to explore the possibilities of bamboo in modern vehicle manufacturing. The Phoenix Bamboo Car is hewn from bamboo

Stylish T20 bamboo scooter hides its electric side

If you thought electric scooters were just for little tots or adults who don't realize how unhip they look on a kid-sized Razor, well, then you've yet to feast your eyes on the ultra-modern T20 electric scooter designed by French firm Fritsch-Durisotti.

Could bamboo resin be a good alternative to carbon fiber for cars?

The quest for ever-better lightweight manufacturing materials has led one electric vehicle builder to consider using woven bamboo fiber and vegetable resin in the place of costly carbon fiber or heavy fiberglass. The material is already being put to use in the surfboard industry

Ajiro bamboo tricycle is an emissions-removing three-wheeled dream

Dreamed up by Monash University industrial design student, Alexander Vittouris, the Ajiro bamboo tricycle is one of the most intriguing modes of transport we've ever seen. On looks alone, the Ajiro is impressive. But it's Vittouris' approach to design that could revolutionize the world.

Rinspeed BamBoo concept pops its top with artist Jamez Rizzi

Rinspeed BamBoo – Click above for high-res image gallery

Rinspeed previews BamBoo well ahead of Geneva debut

Rinspeed BamBoo – Click above for high-res image gallery

Rinspeed previews BamBoo well ahead of Geneva debut

Rinspeed BamBoo – Click above for high-res image gallery

Gilligan's Island tech? Coconut oil-fueled, bamboo taxi

Bamboo Taxi - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Flavio Deslandes - Building greener bicycles using bamboo

Flavio Deslandes bamboo bicycles - Click above for an image gallery

It's Friday: Japan tries to one-up China in weird-green-car sweepstakes with Bamgoo

It's become apparent that the folks who design green cars truly realize that their efforts should stand apart from the crowd. While some trod the tried and true path of bringing sexy back, others seem to make huge efforts to scare sexy away. Vehicles in this later camp seem to come, more often than not, from China, though there a

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