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Balqon, a developer of electric drive systems for medium- to heavy-duty trucks, has launched its Mule M100, a zero-emissions, cargo-hauling truck. The Mule M100 boasts a top speed of 70 miles per hour and can deliver its load up to 100 miles away before needing to recharge, which takes only three hours. Balqon says the Mule M100 is "ideal for daily, short-haul deliveries."

Balqon has just added its baddest bruiser yet to its electric truck range. Sure, the top speed is only 25 miles per hour, which means the new XE20 is definitely not as fast as its road-going Mule 150 brother, but its ability to pull 40 tons (!) means it's definitely the brawniest of the bunch. Powered by a liquid-cooled 240 kW AC induction motor, this latest tractor is said to provide the most low-end torque in its class and should be a perfect fit for the off-highway applications it was design

Balqon has taken advantage of the Governors Global Climate Summit to launch the monster truck that finally rounds out its range; the Mule150. We're talking serious Class 7 truck action here. We're talking a 230 volt AC motor rated at 300 hp bolted up to an automatic 6-speed Allison transmission that pulls like its namesake all the way up to 55 mph. We're talking a massive 280 kWh lithium ion battery that will carry 7 tons of goods for 90 miles (150 miles unloaded!). Serious. A real world, real w

It was only a few months ago that we informed you of a really heavy duty electric truck undergoing testing at the Port of Los Angeles. The Nautilus E30 from Balqon must have aced its audition because the company has just officially shown it off to the public at last week's CAPCOA Green Conference and Expo and announced its upcoming commercialization. There are orders for more of the behemoths from the Port of Los Angeles as well as from the AQMD. Union Pacific will incorporate the vehicle into i