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In his 97 years, Charlie Yaeger has driven everything from a Ford Model T to a 1916 Baker Electric to a Nissan Maxima. More recently, he can be found behind the wheel of a Nissan Leaf. Since his automotive life mirrors the industry as a whole, Nissan thought it would be worthwhile to offer up a new video that shows Yaeger explaining how things change. The takeaway point: history repeats itself, EV drivers, and let's remember there was a time when you could not find gas stations on every street c

You know that Gram Parsons song "100 Years From Now"? The opening lyrics are "100 years from this day / Will the people still feel this way / And keep saying the things that they're / saying right now?" I thought of these words (and Gram's smooth voice) when I saw this video clip of a 1904 Baker electric two-seater electric vehicle that is driving around. The car's owner, Lew Miller, says that the car runs as well today as it did the day it was built, and it's never been in the shop.

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