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MotoCzysz + Bajaj = dream?

When last we had word of MotoCzysz, the company had just finished a marathon struggle to design, build and race an electric motorcycle at the TTXGP. The epic E1pc was built and shipped to the Isle of Man where it participated in the practice runs but tragically suffered a motor failure at the beginning of the actual race. Fast-forward a few months and things seem to be looking up for the Ameri

Watch out Tata: Bajaj to double small car fuel efficiency, Ford invests in Indian small car plant

It's just two days before the debut of Tata's $2,500 car and a major U.S. car maker blinked. Ford said Tuesday it will invest $500m in a vehicle plant in India. Ford also says a significant part of that investment will go toward making a small, inexpensive car. Ford is not alone in trying to grab headlines away from Tata.

Bajaj auto-rickshaws to get fuel injectors for LGP, CNG models

As energy needs increase in India, the country is becoming more conscious of harmful emissions. Bajaj Auto recently announced that Orbital will supply fuel injectors for the company's auto-rickshaws that run on LPG and CNG. The two companies were already working together on gas models.