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Question of the Day: Coolest engine-displacement badge ever?

They're just about all metric now, but this does not preclude coolness.

During the engine-displacement arms race, car companies vied for the raciest-looking numerical badges. What's the best one?

Saab/Spyker badges hit eBay

A designer in Portugal has created a decal to celebrate Europe's most recent celebrity wedding. The 2.5-inch, self-adhesive decal is waterproof and UV resistant, and fits Saabs from 2003 to the present day. You can own this instant classic for just $10, and the creator can probably expect a ping from the gents at Spyker in three, two...

Meadow Brook Concours 2009: Wheels and Badges

Meadow Brook wheels and badges - click above for high-res image gallery

Buy Toyota badges... from GM

A long, long time ago -- 1996 to be exact -- Toyota decided to brand engineer a GM vehicle for the Japanese domestic market. The vehicle they chose: the Chevrolet Cavalier. They even called it the Toyota Cavalier, and wanted to move 20,000 of them per year in Japan. They put them in dealer showrooms next to JDM cars, and, well... people didn't really buy them. By 2000, the Toyota Cavalier was mort.