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Recalls are quite common in the automotive world, but this recent recall is out of the ordinary. BP has just announced a recall for contaminated gasoline in the northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois areas that have evidently caused numerous drivability issues in customer vehicles. Apparently, this recall only applies to regular grade gasoline that originated from BP's Whiting, Ind. storage facility last week and purchased at BP gas stations and "other retail outlets," which according to the T

Could a bad load of petrol be responsible for a string of engine problems in England? That's what investigators want to know. Engine damage has been reported by hundreds of motorists across Britain, so fuel stations have started testing their product. So far no abnormalities have been found, however, causing some consternation among those effected. Only motorists in Southeast England seem to be having the problems, so the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) feels like bad gas is th