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Axon Automotive has once again shown off its pre-production plug-in hybrid, this time at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. Two versions of the lightweight city car are planned, the first using a small-bore gasoline-fed engine that's purported to deliver 83.3 mpg U.S. (100 mpg or 2.8 l/km in the UK).

Last year at the Sexy Green Car Show, Axon Automotive introduced the world to their lightweight version of that iconic classic, the Caterham 7, which they dubbed the Eco-M. They said they'd return in 2008 with a more practical design and return they have with a new vehicle which they lovingly refer to as the Axon hatchback. This vehicle, like last year's effort, features a recycled carbon fiber chassis that is key to their plan to use lightweight construction as a means of making mileage gains a

As fun as it would be, we can't be at every green car show on the planet. One of the current events we're sad to be missing is the Eden Project's Sexy Green Car Show in the UK. Thankfully, there are plenty of photos and videos streaming our way to make us feel like we're part of the action.