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Li-ion battery maker, Axeon, considers addition of North American plant

UK-based Axeon, Europe's largest independent supplier of lithium-ion battery systems, has raised an additional £5 million ($7.8 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) in equity to support its expansion goals. The funding, though not substantial enough to allow the company to accomplish all of its goals, should help Axeon expand its electric vehicle (EV) technolo

Lithium-ion battery supplier Axeon will make new pack for C1 Ev'ie

The converted Citroën C1 Ev'ie will someday get a better battery thanks to Axeon, Europe's largest independent lithium-ion battery systems supplier. The current C1 Ev'ie, offered by the Electric Car Corporation, has been available since last April and has a range of more than 60 miles and a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Specs for the Ev'is using

Axeon goes into administration, gets acquired

Perhaps proving once again that calamity and opportunity can often be found walking together in the business world, it has been announced that Axeon Holdings has gone into administration and has been acquired. The company, which bills itself as Europe's largest independent supplier of lithium ion battery systems and who has supplied energy storage set ups for Modec, the Domenick Yoney

New lithium battery from Axeon nearly doubles Modec range

How do you make your stock price jump by two-thirds in today's economic atmosphere? If you are Axeon, Europe's largest independent supplier of lithium ion battery packs, you announce your new battery nearly doubles the range of your customer's trucks. After completing a Department of Transport-funded two year program, the Dundee, Scotland-based company says the new power supply it developed allowed a 3.5 ton delivery vehicle to almost double its

E7 electric taxi to debut at British International Motor Show

Allied Vehicles has announced they will debut their electric E7 taxi at the upcoming British International Motor Show (BIMS). The company has been building taxis for some time now and are already quite familiar with the Peugeot E7 platform. They also build wheelchair accessible vehicles and have incorporated this ability into their taxi as well. It will join other Domenick Yoney