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Avis Rent A Car is continuing its green expansion in Europe with the addition this month of VW Tourans that run on natural gas to its fleet in 15 German cities. And over in Portugal, Avis' uses 50 hybrids and has reduced CO2 emissions by 50 tons (I'm guessing this is compared to 2004 levels, since the hybrids were introduced in 2005, but I'm not certain). In Scandinavia, Avis is all about ethanol (and hybrids), with "over 400 ethanol-powered Saab 9-5 BioPower cars, 75 Ford Flexi-fuel and 20 Toyo

Avis is trying to make the case that downsizing your daily driver - and renting a larger car to use only when you actually need it - it not only good for the environment, but also for your family's pocketbook. Sound familiar? A very similar note went out from the company three months ago, but it's not like CO2 emissions are any less dangerous today than Nov. 2006, so let's see what's different this time.