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The French Association of Ecological Cars (Association des Voitures Ecologiques, AVE) was born this week. What's this non-profit organization all about? Basically, it will focus its efforts on promoting benefits for drivers who try to drive green. For instance, one of its first efforts will be the creation of a "green disk" which will allow drivers with cleaner cars (defined by those running on LPG, CNG, hybrids, EVs or polluting less than 120g/km of CO2) to be exempt from parking fees. The AVE

Here's another harbinger: air traffic between cities that are linked by high speed train lines is significantly reduced. This was a notorious effect of the Paris-Lyon route (Europe's first high speed train link), and has been seen more recently in the Paris-London, Paris-Brussels and Paris-Amsterdam combinations. In the country where high speed trains are growing the fastest is seeing the effects as well: The Madrid-Barcelona high speed link in Spain (AVE), which started operating in March, has

I must admit I'm a great fan of high-speed trains: they're very comfortable, they're fast and they take and leave you in the center of the city of your choice (usually). Japanese bullet trains and European TGVs, ICEs and AVEs have returned dignity back to railway transport. But not everybody is happy about them.

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