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The best of the best from the City of Angels

AOL Autos Editor-in-Chief David Kiley highlights the latest cars and concepts at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. This year's show features plenty of exciting new models like Ford's Transit Connect Wagon, BMW's i3 Coupe, Mazda's clean diesel 6 and Volkswagen's Beetle Convertible.

On Monday, we reported that Honda Europe had decided to cancel its participation in this fall's Frankfurt Motor Show. In that report, we speculated that it wouldn't be a surprise to see Honda follow Nissan's path of only participating in one major auto show per continent. It turns out that at this scenario is unlikely to happen. According to spokesman Chuck Schifsky, Honda has six major operating regions around the world, each one operating largely autonomously. There are certain standards that

Click above for more high-res pics of the 2009 Honda Fit

When the LA show moved from January to its current November date, people said that it was a harbinger of doom for the Detroit Auto Show. Car companies may be based in Detroit, they said, but car culture is being largely defined and driven by Southern California. More recently, Porsche pulled out of the Detroit Show, saying it doesn't move much metal in Michigan. Now, according to auto journalist William Jeanes, the Detroit Auto Show might not only have LA to worry about, but Chicago.

Our foreign correspondent Alberto Ballestin proved to be quite the accomplished shutterbug during his coverage of the Geneva Motor Show last month. We told him he wasn’t done with his assignment until he rounded up his best snaps and posted high-rez versions for all of you to enjoy.