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The Google Car Was Great Public Relations, But It Wasn't New

Audi reported last month that its driverless Autonomous TTS research car had completed the winding, 12.42-mile climb to Pike's Peak in 27 minutes. That's only about 10 minutes longer than it takes a human to drive the course, but I certainly didn't see it reported on the front page of the newspaper. About a month before that, however, Google let loose with a public relations effort about how its engineers had been riding around in modified Toyota Priuses th

Audi unveils new livery for Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak [w/Video]

Audi Autonomous TTS Pikes Peak – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mercedes-Benz inches closer to fully automated driving

Mercedes-Benz automated test driver setup – Click above for high-res image gallery

Got an extra $90 grand? Consider a self-driving Escape hybrid

We've been taking a close look at many of the vehicles created for various DARPA challenges, and it finally appears as if some of the new technology gained by these trials is trickling down into the real world. For instance, you're likely aware of new technologies such as lane-departure warning and adaptive cruise control which add a touch of safety and a bit less driver control to your daily commute. If you like this idea

Another team set to use Passat TDi for DARPA Urban Challenge

We told you previously about DARPA Urban Challenge and the Volkswagen Passat from defending DARPA Grand Challenge winners the Stanford Racing Team. Now there is a second team entering