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Automoblox adds Emergency Line of rescue, police and fire vehicles

One of our favorite toymakers is branching out its lineup of heirloom-quality toy cars into the first responder category. Automoblox has unv

Autoblog Holiday Giveaway 3/5: Win all three Automoblox limited editions and 25 Minis!

Enter SweepstakesAs any faithful Autoblog reader should know, we are unabashed fans of Automoblox and include these heirloom-quality toys in our series of holiday giveaways every year. Patrick Calello and his team have outdone themselves this time, though.

Automoblox unveils three new limited editions including touching tribute truck

It's no secret that the Autoblog staff loves it some Automoblox, and one of the latest limited editions is pulling on our heartstrings. The Chris Tutor

Six Days of Giveaways - Day 2: Automoblox Limited Edition Highcroft Truck and Trailer Set [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The entry period for this giveaway has ended. We'll publish the name of the winner once his/her eligibility has been verified. Make sure to enter our Six Days of Giveaways - Day 3 for a chance to win the artwork of Xander Walker.

Videos: Jay Leno spends time with Ford's new Police Interceptor, Automoblox

Jay Leno and the Ford Police Interceptor – Click above to watch video after the jump

Automoblox debuts full-size hot rods and trailer set

Automoblox full-size HR3 hot rod – Click above for high-res image gallery

Automoblox enters racing on Highcroft wing, debuts new racer

Automoblox Highcroft race car – Click above for high-res image gallery

Automoblox introduces new batch of Minis before Father's Day

New Automoblox Minis – Click above for high-res gallery

This One's For the Kids: Automoblox holding snapshot contest

Automoblox are some of our favorite playthings, and our kids like them, too. When a little cherub wraps baby-fat fingers around the C9 perched on the edge of the desk, rather than grit our teeth, we just wait to see what kind of assemblage will emerge. That free play time can now be worth cash money if you manage to capture a photo that wins one of the categories in the Automoblox Photo Contest

Automoblox debuts limited run of T9-SE Signature Series

Click above for high-res image gallery of the Automoblox T9-SE Signature Series

Automoblox unveils C9-S berlinetta to the masses

Click above for high-res gallery of the Automoblox C9-S berlinetta

Automoblox unveils new model! The A9-S convertible

Click above for high-res gallery of the A9-S plus a bonus teaser pic!

Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 3: Automoblox, of course

What's a sweepstakes on Autoblog without some Automoblox cars as prizes? Not much, so we rang Patrick Calello, the designer who dreams up these heirloom-quality toys, and he's graciously provided both a C9R sportscar ($39.99) and S9R sports sedan ($39.99) for us to give away. Unlike the last two days

2007 Holiday Sweepstakes Day 3: Automoblox Complete Set

It's not an Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes without a complete set of Automoblox heirloom-quality toy cars as a prize. Thankfully, Automoblox has stepped up once again and is donating a complete set of Automoblox toy cars, which includes six full-size cars, as well as three of the new Automoblox Mini cars. Unfortunately the high-performance models we tol

Automoblox unveils trio of souped up toy cars for Christmas

We're big fans of Automoblox here at Autoblog, not just because we still like to play with toy cars, bu

Small news from Automoblox - Minis!

If you've read Autoblog consistently for the past three years, you're no doubt aware of Automoblox, a collection of heirloom quality toy car of which we're particularly fond. Among other presents, every year at Christmas we give away an entire collection signed by the designer, Patrick Calello.

The Autoblog After Christmas Sweepstakes #3: Win a Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane!

Congratulations to Alix, whose comment was plucked from obscurity among the 188 left on our last post. Alix will receive a complete set of Automoblox toys that includes seven vehicles, an expansion block set and a t-shirt. But now it's time to focus our efforts on the grand prize of the Autoblog After Christmas Sweepstakes: a

Automoblox unveils limited edition C9R and S9R

Here we have another Autoblog scoop of a smaller but no less important nature than the Toyota Tundra Crew Max photo we brought you earlier. Patrick Calello, the founder and principle designer of Automoblox, has released to us exclusive images of his next line of heirloom quality toy cars. Dubbed the John Neff

Automoblox C9p introduces Daddy's little girl to autos

You know what the fashionistas say, pink is the new black. Or is that black is the new black? Whatev. The point is that pink's a hot color. In fact, many of us with kids that lack a Y chromosome (read: daughters) are treated daily to the sight of Barbies with pink hot pants, Hello Kitty notebooks with pink covers and, perish the thought, diapers with pink waistbands. So it's obviously important to expose our impressionable young daughters to car culture as early as possible if we ever hope to ra