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Bush and automakers delay meeting

Bigwigs from DiamlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors will have to wait for their date with the President. The expected meeting between the Big Three and President George W. Bush is now slated for June 2, moved back from the May 18 date as previously reported. The CEO deligates and the White House would have readers believe that the change in date isn't actually a 'postponement,' but rather the first time a firm date has been set. Regardless of any calendar semantics,

Auto parts make a significant contribution to trade deficit

OK, so maybe that's a contender for "Most Obvious Headline of the Year", but unfortunately, this simply points to how true it is. In 2005, auto parts contributed over $37B to the United States' trade deficit, which was up 20% from one year ago. On behalf of all of those in this country's auto industry, we say "ouch!"