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Autoextremist offers up unvarnished Brand Image Meter

"Hot. Cold. Neutral. Pathetic." Those are the four brand descriptors professional Detroit auto industry provocateur Peter De Lorenzo applies to 40 major automotive brands in his latest Autoextremist rant.

AutoExtremist pulls no punches when it comes to the Chevy Volt

2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery

Peter De Lorenzo takes on auto industry in 140 characters or less

The Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, has done his best for "the minions, the gamers, the coddled and the entitled" who want an update on the auto industry but don't want to bother actually reading about it. You know the folks – the ones who write "summarize plz" or "Cliffs Notes?" in a comment thread because they can't be bothered taking the time to figure out what happened.

Will Chrysler make Ram its fourth brand?

2009 Dodge Ram – Click above for a high-res image gallery

Interested in the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation? See below

Many of you may already know this, and we have covered it in the past, but for you who were not aware, Peter M. DeLorenzo, the man behind Jeremy Korzeniewski

Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation begins competition in 2009 with the "Hydrogen 500"

The Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation was formed on Wednesday to promote a new racing series. In this series of racing, the vehicles will be powered by electricity derived from hydrogen.

Autoextremist welcomes Alan to the fold

The major news media is awash in pundits and "experts" who have argued every conceivable angle of the Ford/Mulally CEO switcheroo. Most seem to have little to substantiate their opinions, while others just seem to enjoy some seat time under the newsroom lighting. Thankfully, more sources are available beyond the realm of "traditional media" and Peter M. DeLorenzo decided the best way to address the future of Ford was to write an open letter to its newest helmsman.

GM heading for Black Tuesday next week?

There seems to be a growing groundswell of rumors centering around a possible restructuring of GM's worldwide engineering staff. Reuters reports GM Europe as denying Thursday that it would announce engineering job reductions next week, apparently responding to Stuart Waterman