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This will get some heads turning: after a drive on challenging Welsh roads, Autocar has written "In its poise and agility I'd even say the MG6 is superior" to the Ford Focus Zetec S. There are other compromises: the interior, the gearchange, the NVH, grunt at high revs. But the first bespoke Nanjing-created MG, the MG6, is a certified runner according to the UK mag.

This has been a good year for concept cars with green themes. It kicked off in Detroit where Chrysler showed off its trio of electric-drive rides, and where we also saw appearances from the likes of the Mazda Furai and the Land Rover LRX. Later in New York we were introduced to the, um, "interesting personality" of the Scion Hako Coupe concept and it's sexier box-shaped compatriot, the Nissan Denki Cube.

Britain's Autocar magazine recently gathered a formidable roster of supercars (and one of the greatest sportbikes ever produced) for its annual 0-100-0 showdown.