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While perusing Autoblog Latino and brushing up on my Spanglish, I noticed this post that led me to a site called Paper Inside. Its simple tagline – Paper Models are Paper Inside – hints at what you'll find below the fold. The site offers numerous free downloads of paper models that arrive in your printer tray as 2D sheets awaiting entry into the third dimension. We chose the Ecto 1 model to highlight above because it's pretty intricate, but you'll also find the DeLorean from Back to

The easiest way to get people to your blog is to give stuff away for free. It's a trick we learned here at Autoblog long ago, and it's something we love to do. Supplying your readers with free stuff is a small price to pay for exposure, and so our new sister site, Autoblog Latino, has launched its first ever sweepstakes. There are three prizes that have as their theme the Nissan 350Z.