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Have a seat and get the latest green car news in easy-to-carry audio format. For the eighth AutoblogGreen podcast, we speak with Tobia Ciottone of ZipCar Chicago. If you've ever wanted to know how to bring car-sharing to your town, we've got the answer.

The first thing you'll notice is our new podcast music, a bridge from your other audio files to the AutoblogGreen news. But what we're really excited about it our interview with Gary Smyth, director of Powertrain Systems Research Lab at GM (interview transcript coming soon). We also try to figure out the recent green car news about the Spyder, the possible CAFE standards increase, and Smarts U.S. toe-dipping (which might be a bit of a cannonball). Whattya think?

In episode four of our AutoblogGreen podcast, Sam and Sebastian get the goods on nanotech batteries from Alan Gotcher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Altairnano, the battery company behind Phoenix's SUT (and upcoming SUV and PHEV). We also celebrate AutoblogGreen's one-year anniversary and look forward to year two.

We give a brief recap of the green highlights of the New York Auto Show including the GM mini car triplets and the AFVI conference in Anaheim, California. Sam has an interview with Neal Anderson of the Automotive X-Prize and Sebastian talks to people behind the Naro car and the Connaught Type-D hybrid.

Sebastian and Sam discuss what's coming out at this weeks Alternative Fuel Vehicle conference in Anaheim, and New York Auto Show as well as some of this weeks news. Prior to the recent GM battery technology briefing, Sam, Ed Ring, David Houle, and Jeff McIntire-Strasburg got to sit down with Larry Burns, GM Vice President for breakfast and a discussion of where he thinks GM is going with alternative fuel technology. The Q and A session led to some interesting discussion.

On this page you'll find a directory of all our podcasts, from newest to oldest. We're just getting started, so stay tuned for more. Lots more.

AutoblogGreen has been expanding in recent months (d'ja notice the new photo galleries?) and we're going to continue this trend with the launch of our own podcast sometime in the next few weeks. We're still hashing out the details and lining up guests, and while we do that, we'd like your input. Today, we're got three requests: