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It is being reported that officials in Bremen Germany are imposing a speed limit of 120km/h on the Autobahn in the area. The change is part of an environmental initiative, with the hope being that slowing cars down will reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. While the change will will almost certainly accomplish that to some degree by eliminating a seven mile stretch of highway in the area that had previously been free of limits, the real effect is likely to be minimal. The other

Just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently shot down the idea of imposing across the board speed limits on the autobahn, the issue is back. Merkel leads the Christian Democrats who are in a coalition with the Social Democrats in the German parliament. At the SPD party congress the majority of delegates voted in favor of a 130 km/h speed limit on German highways. The resolution is non-binding and no speed limit law is likely to pass anytime soon without the support of a significan

One of prime factors that has led to the development of cars with excellent high speed capabilities from German car-makers is the presence of the autobahn. In particular, the long stretches of smooth inter-urban pavement that have no posted speed limit have inspired the likes of BMW's M-series cars and the Mercedes-Benz AMG models. Of course those unlimited zones are far from universal and as soon as you approach major cities like Frankfurt and Cologne the limits are posted at speeds of 100-130