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Should GM enter the Chevy Volt in the Auto X Prize?

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

Auto X Prize not half-filled with low-speed vehicles

So, the other day I heard the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE's Cristin Lindsay say that about 50 of the 100+ teams that might be part of the contest were working on small, neighborhood vehicles. Specifically, Lindsay said the following: "With our competition, we are seeing many, many companies, 50 or more, who are working on small, neighborhood vehicles. Some of them are electric,

AltCar 2008: half of those 100 Auto X Prize teams are working on low-speed vehicles

During a panel discussion on public transportation today at the Santa Monica AltCar Expo, Cristin Lindsay, senior director of the Automotive X Prize, gave us a bit more information about the teams that have signed up to participate in the race. You might remember that in late August, the X Prize foundation announced that there were over 100 teams that had signed up to compete for the $10 mill

X Prize asks: "What's Your Crazy Green Idea?"

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at the official start of the Auto X Prize.

More than 120 teams ready to compete in Auto X Prize

As predicted, the Automotive X Prize crossed the century mark for teams signed up to compete in the "Ultimate Fuel Economy Challenge." While we know that not all of these teams consider themselves to be real contenders, the fact that there are so many people ready to spend so

At least 14 cities vying for an Auto X Prize stage race in 2009-2010

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at the official start of the Auto X Prize.

Automotive X Prize says McCain's $300m battery prize needs more work

John McCain's (R) call for a $300 million prize for better automotive battery is still making waves. The latest to raise a voice are the people who are already offering some prize money for cleaner cars: the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. Of course, the AXP is a much

Ratan Tata, Michael Boustridge join X Prize Foundation Board

A month ago, Tata Motors announced they would be entering two vehicles in the Sebastian Blanco

New York 2008: Progressive Insurance CEO on why he's spending $10m on the Auto X Prize

In the general hub-bub before the Automotive X-Prize kick-off event yesterday, we cornered Progressive Insurance's President and CEO Glenn Renwick for a few brief moments to get his thoughts on the prize. I mean, it's his company that is putting up the ten million dollars in prize money, so you can bet he's thought long and hard about paying someone that much for a freakin' car. Wh

Officially, official: The Progressive Auto X Prize has now begun

Before this release gets too much older (traveling sure eats into blogging time, I'll tell you that), let's confirm what was announced today at the New York Auto Show about the Progressive Automotive X Prize. The full statement can be found after the jump, but here's a bulleted list of highlights:

New York 2008: MDI's Air Car uncovered

While wandering around near the Automotive X-Prize booth, look what we stumbled onto: MDI's air car. The green plastic-y version that had just been uncovered - I think for a video team's camera - bears only slight resemblance to the rendering that appeared on the X-Prize screen. It looks even less like the previous version of the Sebastian Blanco

Auto X Prize will be worth ten million, sponsored by Progressive Casualty Insurance

We'll have full coverage from New York of the Automotive X Prize's new details in a few hours, but CNN has just announced that the total prize purse will be ten million dollars. That's the same as what was given for winning the Ansari X Prize, which sent private citizens into space. The title sponsor for the green car event will be Progressive Casualty Insurance Co., according to the AP. The ten million do

X Prize praise from the U.S. Senate

We're waiting for the Automotive X Prize's big announcement next week, but the U.S. Senate has decided that now is as good a time as any to heap some bipartisan praise on the X Prize foundation for inspiring "a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles that could help break the addiction of the United States to oil and stem the effects of climate change." The Senate passed

Detroit 2008: Seven X-Prize teams to be on hand at Cobo Hall

The Automotive X-Prize organizers are gearing up to officially kick off the competition early this year and people will get their first opportunity to meet some of the competitors next week at the Detroit Auto Show. Seven of the teams that have signed letters of intent to compete will be on hand at the X-Prize booth during the media and industry previews before

Automotive X Prize looking for host cities for 2009-2010 race

This is a post for all of the American city officials we have who read AutoblogGreen (or readers who know someone in city government). The Automotive X Prize is looking for cities in America to host stages of the fuel-efficient vehicle race in 2009-2010. An official Request for Proposal (RFP) will be released at the Detroit Auto Show in the next few days.

SciAm names X Prize Foundation the "Policy Leader of the Year"

While hyper-efficient automobiles are not the only thing that the X Prize Foundation is focused on, the Foundation's Automotive X Prize has garnered a fair share of posts here on AutoblogGreen. For the Foundation's broader mission (missions is perhaps the better word), the Board of Editors of Scientific American magazine named it to the sixth annual Scientific American 50, specifically the Policy Leader of the Year. Accordi

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