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The U.S. House of Representatives voted late Wednesday to pass the Auto Rescue/Bailout Bill by a vote of 237 to 170. The contents of the bill came from concessions made by Congressional Democrats to White House demand, which include $14 billion in government loans, $1 billion less than was previously discussed, and the creation of a "Car Czar" appointed by the president to oversee the automakers' progress. It is widely recognized that the bill is a stop-gap measure meant to float General Motors

Rescue, bailout, whatever you want to call it, the bill that would shovel about $15 billion in gov't loans to General Motors and Chrysler is being finalized as we speak. The stumbling block between Congressional Democrats and the White House has been the breadth of power that will be given to a Bush-appointed Car Czar and whether or not automakers will be able to continue their legal fight against the state of California, 17 other states and the EPA over stricter emissions standards.