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Last month a guy in Florida posted a homemade ad for his 1996 Nissan Maxima online and Nissan bought it from him. This month a guy in Sweden posted a homemade ad for his 1985 Subaru Justy J10 Trendy online and got a job with Swedish car magazine Auto Motor und Sport. When Nils Jangan relocated to a new city and couldn't get a job, the financial drain eventually demanded he get rid of his car. Looking for a way to convince anyone to purchase a 29-year-old hatchback, he enlisted the help of Mordor

Over the past several years, 9ff has established itself as one of the predominant Porsche tuners in the world. With hundreds of happy customers and a handful of uber-exotic one-offs under its belt, the company's boss, Jan Fatthauer, has decided to tackle yet another engineering feat -– fuel economy.

We reported earlier about Auto Motor und Sport's revelation that the VW Scirocco would start at under $28,000. Since then the mag's artists have created additional renderings detailing what the revived Scirocco might look like. Auto Motor und Sport has often hit close to the mark when it comes to foreshadowing designs, so you're looking at the best guess possible. The Scirocco will stick within centimeters of the Golf's (err... Rabbit's?) dimensions except for height, as the new hatch will be fo