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This sheepskin seatbelt pad is 20% on Amazon for the next 4 hours

It can add some comfort to your ride for just $12.74

Seatbelts are lifesaving innovations, and most people agree that some minor discomfort is worth the extra safety. Thanks to this belt cover, though, you'll know longer have to sacrifice your comfort to feel secure in your vehicle.

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Amazon has another great deal on a portable air compressor

It's only $32.29 for the next 4 hours

It's always a good idea to have a portable air compressor in your garage or even in your trunk. This pump is ideal for cars, motorcycles, SUV, ATV and trucks. It has 150PSI of max pressure.

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Snag 16 ounces of Adam's Tire Shine for 31% off on Amazon

The tire shine is only $11.69 off for the next 4 hours

Adam's Polishes promises a "lustrous dark shine" that's long lasting with this product! For under $12, it could be great for giving your car a little extra pop for the summer.

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This power inverter adds 2 standard AC outlets to your car for only $22.99

It's 23% off for the next 4 hours on Amazon

Sometimes you just need a standard AC outlet on the go. If you have a cigarette lighter plug in your car, this device can add 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to your vehicle.

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This sun shade is 74% off on Amazon for the next 4 hours

At $7.90, it's a steal

As summer rolls in, it'll become more and more important to keep your car interior cool. A sun shade can go a long way toward keeping you comfortable.

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Top 3 automotive Amazon Lightning deals for Feb. 7

This portable jump starter deal is so good, it's already been 78% redeemed

This portable jump starter deal is so good, it's already been 78% redeemed.

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Top 3 automotive Amazon Lightning deals for Feb. 5

Keep your headlights clean and your motorcycle dry with these picks

Keep your headlights clean and your motorcycle dry with these picks.

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Porsche offers anti-theft systems for classic Porsches

Porsche says the hidden hardware is extremely difficult to remove

Porsche says the hidden hardware is extremely difficult to remove.

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Toyota's longest-wrapped present, the Supra, inspires holiday gift wrap

Wrap your presents like Toyota wraps the A90 Supra

Wrap your presents like Toyota wraps the A90 Supra.

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Looking for the best car harness for your dog?

Keep your pup buckled up

Keep your pup buckled up.

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Should you buy a dash cam?

Forget about Russian dash cam hilarity: These are serious devices.

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Great Father's Day Gifts for Every Car Enthusiast Dad

Get your dad something special with a little help from this gift guide.

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Ferrari and Bentley make your living room as luxurious as your car

Car-themed high-end furniture you can really live with.

Because your house should probably at least be as nice as your car.

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Ford smart crib rocks babies to sleep using car sounds, streetlights

Can't get the baby to sleep? Ford's concept cot is an interesting solution

Controlled with a smartphone app, the cot makes car sounds and imitates streetlights.

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Keep organized on the road with the Bomber Barrel Duffel

Kickstarter’s most funded bag ever is now 70 percent off.

This travel set features a premium duffel guaranteed to keep your belongings in order when you're on the road, plus an additional travel kit.

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Quench your thirst without spillage with the Mighty Mug Biggie

This heavy-duty air-locking travel mug won’t spill, and it’s now 10-percent off with free shipping.

Keeping hydrated in your car shouldn't be an ordeal. Get the tip-resistant Mighty Mug Biggie, and you'll never have to deal with spilled drinks in your car ever again.

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Three car accessories every driver should have

These gadgets will prove essential to you on the road­­ – now up to 44% off

Many of us essentially live our lives in our cars, so we've decided to curate a list of items designed to help you out.

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The award-winning G-BOOM speaker is now just $80

The G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox boasts impressive sound quality and a 6-hour playtime – now at the lowest price on the web.

This Bluetooth-enabled boombox has impressive sound for its size, is highly portable... and is priced more affordably than comparable speakers.

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Bring order to your key collection with the KeySmart Rugged

This heavy-duty key organizer neatly stores up to 14 keys, and it’s now 40 percent off with free shipping included.

Do you have a bulky mess of keys that consistently wreak havoc on your pockets? The KeySmart Rugged will organize your keys in a single place, making them easy to carry and sort through.

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Drive smarter with ExoMount Car Mounts

Ensure hands­-free driving while easily accessing your phone with these handy mounts, now over 30% off.

Here's a way to fully access your phone on the road while staying safe. Check out these two car mount options­­ – both easy, versatile to use, and surely indispensable once you've begun using them.

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