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In Detail: Formula Sun Grand Prix

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is not the type of race fans are accustomed to seeing at the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 racetrack in Austin, Texas. Unlike Formula 1 cars, which can travel in excess of 200 miles per hour, the solar powered vehicles that compete in Formula Sun rarely exceed a quarter of that speed.

In Detail: Circuit Of The Americas Formula One Racetrack, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Some would argue that the most technologically advanced cars in the world exist in Formula One racing. We have Formula One to thank in part for "trickle-down" technologies like disc brakes, semi-automatic transmissions and flywheel-based kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS). So when they build an all-new Formula One track in America, it's a big deal. So big, in fact, they named it Circuit of the Americas.

In Detail: Pecan Street Smart Grid Research Project

What will the perfect, sustainable home of the future will look like? At a minimum, new green construction projects will make greater use of recycled materials and higher levels of insulation. The next step is adding solar panels and installing EV charging ports so commuters can drive green. Researchers in Austin, Texas imagined their ideal home of the future and engaged with the community to build an entire green neighborhood. Welcome to Pecan Street.

In Detail: Study Abroad

A successful study abroad program means going overseas, learning from the locals, and bringing the lessons back home. We've been all over the world in search of the latest in transportation tech and we saw some things that might be beneficial here is the States. Let's take a look at a few of these worldly ideas and see if any lessons could be applied back home.

ShermansTravel Names 10 Best Cities For Cycling

Given the variety of bicycle styles and price points, investing in the right one can prove a challenge. Cruiser, fixie, e-bike? Or how about dusting off that late-90s mountain bike that coordinated so perfectly with your Oakley sunglasses?

ZAP introduces pickup in Texas truck country

ZAP wannabe-dealer Shock Value is hoping to sell an electric 3-wheeler pickup out of its Austin, Texas, location. Shock Value is still awaiting its state dealer license, but owner John Martin is a big ZAP fan and wanted to bring the vehicle to Texas. He says Austin is a ideal city for electric transportation. Martin, a supporter of Montessori schools in the Austin area, didn't own a car as a younster, preferring to tool around on his roller blades. The vehic