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Legalize It: Horchaus federalizing non-U.S. Audis for North America

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Miami dealer uses Romero Britto paint job to move old Audi RS4s

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Audi RS6 not coming to U.S., RS5 will debut in Detroit

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Audi RS4 to get supercharged V6, R8 V10 to remain NA

CAR sat down with a "high-placed Audi source" at the European launch of the Q5 and was able to pry out a few details about the automaker's future products.

VIDEO: WebRidesTV pits IS-F against RS4

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Audi says more RS models quickly on their way

Quattro GmbH, Audi's high-performance subsidiary, is responsible for all manner of RS, S, S-line and "Exclusive" hotness for the automaker and has seen a substantial increase in sales over the last seven years. Back in 2000, it sold about 2,500 units. In 2007, it has produced just over 360,000 models imbued with Audi's distinct brand of performance street cred. Those numbers are expected to further rise with even more models being S- and RS-ified, including the R8, which is currently being produ

SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Making it stick like snot with Hotchkis

When it comes to comprehensive suspension tuning, Hotchkis has established itself as a premium player for both domestic and imported performance rides. Their WRX sway bars have proven to be some of the strongest and lightest on the market (not to mention three-way adjustable), and they've constantly been ahead of the curve by offering new products for vehicles soon after they appear on the market. Unfortunately, they're not as good about keeping their website up-to-date or being able to rattle o

Rumor Mill: Audi canceling RS4?

Say it ain't so. One of our favorite cars in recent memory might be going out of production. Autocar UK is saying that Audi has pulled the plug on the sweet RS4 supersedan. According to them, the convertible and wagon versions are still being produced, but they don't know for how long. With the new RS6 and RS5 on the horizon, it's possible Audi has decided to cut RS4 production to gear up for those new models, but the RS4 h

RS4 drop top ain't coming Stateside

Hear that? It's not the sound of a 420-hp German V8 pushing wind through our hair. No, it sounds a lot, ok, exactly like, us sobbing. There will be no U.S.-spec RS4 Cabrio. At least that's the rumor the Audi fanboys (and we do mean that in a good way) over at Fourtitude are reporting.