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We've been hearing ruminations of new small cars from Audi for the last few years, and they've only heated up since the introduction of the A1 Sportback concept at the Paris Motor Show a few months back. Current rumors indicate that the small hatches are expected to hit the market sometime before 2014. Of course, by that time, the A1's primary competitor, the MINI, will have already had its electric power for a few years. The A1 will share an engine range with VW's Up! and will likely spawn an e

We know that Audi is hard at work on a new city car that will be based on Volkswagen's NSF (new small family) chassis architecture that will underpin numerous vehicles, including one based on the familiar up! concept. There are three possible powertrain options that are currently being tossed around and tested by the German automaker, including a fully-electric option as well as two that are powered by petroleum. Both engines would displace around 600cc's and be turbocharged, one using gasoline