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Audi Mileage Marathon: Audi's boss not worried about Toyota diesel cancellation

Over dinner in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday night, we sat at a table with Audi of America EVP Johan de Nysschen and discussed a range of topics. Among them was his impressions of other manufacturers backing off on diesel plans for the U.S. market. During the course of this drive, Toyota confirmed the cancellation of its plans to add a diesel engine to its full-size trucks. Chrysler has also apparen

Audi Mileage Marathon: We're off!

And we're off and crawling through the streets of mid-town Manhattan. After getting waved off by actress/model Molly Sims (who?) and Audi ALMS driver Emanuelle Pirro shortly after 9 a.m. from the Tavern on the Green in Central Park, we're now slowly making our way toward the George Washington bridge to get out of town. This is not exactly the ideal operating environment for a big SUV, or any other motor vehicle for that matter. Driving throug

Audi Mileage Marathon kicks off in New York Monday morning

The Audi Mileage Marathon that we first told you about a couple of weeks ago kicks off tomorrow morning in Manhattan. A fleet of 23 new diesel-powered Audis including the Q7, Q5, A4 and A3 will leave from Tavern on the Green at 9 am Monday on a two week journey that ends in Los Angelos to demonstrate the capabilities of modern diesels. Nearly 200 international journalists will be taking part in 4 waves that go from New York, to Chicago to Denver to Las Vegas and on to LA. AutoblogGreen and Autob