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While Audi's exhaustive press release accompanying the launch of the newly-revised-for-2009 A3 mentioned both the availability of new diesel engines along with a seven-speed version of the dual-clutch S tronic transmission, Audi's arm in the UK has decided it's worth mentioning them again. This time, though, statistics regarding the reduction of carbon emissions are given, so decided we'd share them too. For instance, the revised '09 2.0 TDI with 140 horsepower, which was rated at 52.3mpg (US) l

Audi has followed their Volkswagen stablemates and added some special "e" series models to the their lineup in recent months. The "e" models are similar to VW's Bluemotion models in that they are specifically optimized for ultra-low CO2 emissions. Currently, the smallest such vehicle is the A3 TDI e equipped with a 1.9L diesel. The TDI e has modified gear ratios and engine calibrations along with the low rolling resistance tires. The A3 is rated at 52mpg (U.S.) on the EU combined cycle with CO2