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No, there won't be a four-door Audi TT Sportback

PR head says Audi once considered it, but no more

PR head says Audi once considered it, but no more.

Next-gen Audi TT to become a four-door coupe?

TT Sportback concept would enter production to combat falling sales

Iconic coupe might get two more doors to combat falling sales, rising investment.

Audi TT Offroad gets the green light

Audi has reportedly chosen the yellow Offroad show car over the red Sportback and the blue Allroad Shooting Brake as the concept that will presage the next member of the TT family, expected to be called the TTQ.

Audi TT Sportback Concept rounds out an icon

That German automakers seem singularly fixated on filling any white space between their models isn't new – the last decade-plus has seen their showrooms overflowing with niche models, some of which seemingly occupy sub-genres of sub-genres. To our eyes, there's often diminishing aesthetic and utilitarian returns to go along with the heightened price tags that accompany these models, but we're beginning to think Audi is tackling its personal dive

Audi TT Sportback Concept evolves the five-door breed

One week after a leaked sketch ran on these very pages, Audi has introduced the latest member of a "potential TT family," according to Audi board member Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. This is the TT Sportback Concept, a five-door, 400-horsepower version of the brand's stylish sports car and at this point, it looks darn likely to herald the debut of a third body style for

Leaked design sketch may preview Audi TT Sportback Concept for Paris

With the debut of the new TT and TTS hardtops in Geneva earlier this year, as well as the more recent debut of the convertible model, Audi has ticked the same body style boxes as the first two generations of TT. Unlike those earlier examples, though, the German luxury ma