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Audi unveils its Doberhuahua Super Bowl commercial

With Super Bowl Sunday less than a week away, this week is going to be dominated by anything and everything football related. That includes advertising and the auto industry, as some of the biggest players prepare to launch multi-million-dollar spots hawking their latest and greatest products.

Audi Super Bowl ad will star creepy Doberhuahua dog

Poor little doberhuahua, so misunderstood. In fact it's so misunderstood that we don't even know what it is. Not that something like that would stop Canadian songstress and animal rights advocate Sarah McLachlan from plucking at our heartstrings, though, in the teaser video below.

Audi chooses A3 as its Super Bowl darling

With Super Bowl XLVIII less than two months away, we're sure to hear plenty of news about automakers and their various plans for in-game commercials. Audi has announced that it will return for its seventh year of Super Bowl advertising, but few details were provided about the spot other than the fact that it will focus on the all-new 2015 A3.

Choose your own adventure in Audi's next Super Bowl commercial

Audi has a 60-second spot planned for this year's Super Bowl to promote its S6 sedan, but exactly which spot will air is being put in the hands of Internet users. The ad follows a high schooler as he "embarks on one of the most pivotal moments of his adolescence: prom night."

Audi lights up vampire-laden S7 commercial ahead of Super Bowl

Audi apparently couldn't wait until the Super Bowl to show off the ad it will run during the Big Game. The German automaker has released its spot, and sure enough, the quick clip has cashed in on the current vampire craze. The commercial features a clutch of gen x/y/millennial 20-something vamps out for an impromptu fireside party. When their hero a

Audi teases next Super Bowl spot

We've entered a new age of advertising, friends. One where manufacturers gleefully shill for their own ads instead of actual products. We've seen it with the teaser as for the Volkswagen Super Bowl spot, and now Audi has jumped into the game. It's Inception gone marketing – an ad within an ad. In order to get us all fired up for the c

Audi Super Bowl ad will star S7 and LED lighting

Among other things, Audi is known for the brash and bold styling elements of its front fascias. From the giant chiseled trapezoid grille to its highly stylized LED headlamps, there's no mistaking the face of an Audi for anything else on the road.

Audi confirms fifth appearance during Super Bowl bathroom breaks

Make it five: that's how many consecutive years Audi will show up at the Super Bowl to attempt and advertising touchdown. From the brand's first appearance in 2008, we've had Old Luxury, then The Chase, then Jonathon Ramsey

Audi signs on for fourth consecutive Super Bowl ad

Audi has issued a press release announcing that it will advertise during the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year. Buying ad time is usually a non-newsworthy affair, but a single 30-second spot during the Big Game represents a financial commitment of $3 million or more. That's a fairly hefty chunk of Audi's annual ad spending budget here in the States, so why do it?

How a blogger can cause Audi a headache over Green Police Super Bowl ad [w/video]

Audi Green Police Campaign – Click above to watch the video after the break

Audi in trouble with the Green Police [w/video] *UPDATE

Audi Green Police Campaign – Click above to watch the video after the break

Audi A3 TDI getting 4th quarter Super Bowl ad featuring Cheap Trick

Audi A3 TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery

Audi returns to the Super Bowl with Jason Statham and the A6

The Giants and the Patriots may be disappointed not to have made it back to the Super Bowl this year, but at least Audi will be back again. The German automaker aired a spot during last year's NFL championship game depicting the R8 supercar as a cameo in the original Godfather movie. During this year's game, however, Audi's commercial will feature action movie

Screw the economy, Audi orders up another Super Bowl commercial

Lately, our monthly By the Numbers post has resembled a blood bath, with just about every automaker's sales lower than they were the same month in 2007. Audi is no different, but has experienced far less blood-letting than its competitors. In fact, Audi's luxury market share in the US has risen from 6.2% to 8.4% so far this year. On a global basis, Audi sales are Chris Shunk

Audi counting down to new era that starts at kickoff

Audi has updated its U.S. website with a short video that features a counter ticking the time away "until the moment of truth." The seconds flying by lead up to the date and time of Super Bowl XLII this Sunday. Below is a short message that says, "On February 3, 2008, over 140 million TV viewers will witness the start of a new era. Register now for your exclusive sneak preview... and more."