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Spy video shows Audi RS4 Avant twin-turbo V6 lapping the Nurburgring

Looks fast, sounds meh.

Audi is hitting the Nurburgring hard with its new RS4 Avant, and this video serves as our first listen to the new twin-turbocharged V6.

Spy Shots
Audi stealthily tests RS4 Avant

Audi has been spotted testing a prototype for a new RS4 Avant performance wagon at the Nurburgring in Germany. But what's under the hood, and will it make it to North America this time?

Next Audi RS4 to get an electric turbo?

Auto Express reports that the coming Audi RS4 could get one electric and one conventional turbocharger instead of two conventional turbos.

Next-gen Audi RS4 coming, might make it to America

The changing attitude towards wagons in the US market might convince Audi to bring its next-generation RS4 Avant across the pond.

Audi RS4 Avant Nogaro Selection puts a fresh face on old memories

I've been fortunate enough to drive plenty of memorable cars over the years, and one of my all-time favorites is the Audi RS4 sedan. It was only sold in the United States for a short time, but during that quick run, it made a huge impression on me. I remember everything about that car – the smell, the sound, the exact feeling of the manual shifter as it clicked between the six gears, and the texture of the steering wheel that I so happil

Next Audi RS4 to get V6 turbo, US sales still unclear

Audi's high-performance S models have forged a reputation in the US for offering wonderful driving dynamics in a package that doesn't scream, "I bought a sport sedan." However, its even higher-performance RS models are still somewhat of a rarity here. While the RS5 and RS7 are in the current US lineup, many of the wild RS models that Europe gets, like the Chris Bruce

Audi celebrates original RS with RS4 Avant Nogaro selection

It's been 20 years since Audi unveiled the RS2 Avant, the progenitor of an entire range of ridiculously fun luxury cars, including the RS3, three generations of the RS4, three generations of RS6, the RS5, and new Brandon Turkus

Spy Shots
Audi RS4 Avant caught on 'Ring with A4 facelift

Performance wagons are the securely on the list of items that make our enthusiast hearts go pitter-pat. Sadly, there is a distinct lack of options in this segment, and some of the very best products never make it here to the States. One such long-roof that long ago joined the Forbidden Fruit category is the Audi RS4 Avant, whose successor has been spied racking up the test miles at the Nürburgring this week.

Say It Ain't So: No next-generation Audi RS4?

Audi RS4 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Miami dealer uses Romero Britto paint job to move old Audi RS4s

Click above for high-res gallery of the Romero Britto Audi RS4

Audi RS6 not coming to U.S., RS5 will debut in Detroit

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Audi RS6 sedan

Audi RS4 to get supercharged V6, R8 V10 to remain NA

CAR sat down with a "high-placed Audi source" at the European launch of the Q5 and was able to pry out a few details about the automaker's future products.

VIDEO: WebRidesTV pits IS-F against RS4

Click above to view the WebRidesTV shootout.

Audi says more RS models quickly on their way

Quattro GmbH, Audi's high-performance subsidiary, is responsible for all manner of RS, S, S-line and "Exclusive" hotness for the automaker and has seen a substantial increase in sales over the last seven years. Back in 2000, it sold about 2,500 units. In 2007, it has produced just over 360,000 models imbued with Audi's distinct brand of performance street cred. Those numbers are expected to further rise with even more models being S- and RS-ified, including the R8, which is currently being produ

SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Making it stick like snot with Hotchkis

When it comes to comprehensive suspension tuning, Hotchkis has established itself as a premium player for both domestic and imported performance rides. Their WRX sway bars have proven to be some of the strongest and lightest on the market (not to mention three-way adjustable), and they've constantly been ahead of the curve by offering new products for vehicles soon after they appear on the market. Unfortunately, they're not as good about keeping their website up-to-date or being able to rattle o

RS4 drop top ain't coming Stateside

Hear that? It's not the sound of a 420-hp German V8 pushing wind through our hair. No, it sounds a lot, ok, exactly like, us sobbing. There will be no U.S.-spec RS4 Cabrio. At least that's the rumor the Audi fanboys (and we do mean that in a good way) over at Fourtitude are reporting.

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