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LA 2009: Audi R8 Spyder is shown again, this time in red

2010 Audi R8 Spyder - Click above for high-res image gallery

First spy shots of Audi R8 Targa surface

After more than a year of speculation, and even a leaked sketch, we finally have our first spy shots confirming that Audi is developing an open-air version of its R8 supercar. And just to sweeten the deal, the test mule spied is all but completely undisguised.

Audi R8 cabrio won't get canvas roof or folding hard top

It's no secret that Audi's planned expansion of its R8 lineup will include upgraded engines (both gasoline- and diesel-powered) and a new convertible version that's likely to make an appearance next year. The crew at Car have already shown us a sketch of what a drop-top R8 could look like, complete with twin humps aft of the passenger compartment concealing the V8 beast beneath and aluminum (or composite) blades that have been halved to integrate into the beltline. But according to the

Rendered Speculation: Audi R4 coupe in the works?

It's been rumored for some time that Audi and Porsche would be teaming up to produce a handful of new models over the next five years. From a manufacturing standpoint, both automakers could benefit from shared development and production costs, while consumers would get their hands on some very compelling product.

Audi counting down to new era that starts at kickoff

Audi has updated its U.S. website with a short video that features a counter ticking the time away "until the moment of truth." The seconds flying by lead up to the date and time of Super Bowl XLII this Sunday. Below is a short message that says, "On February 3, 2008, over 140 million TV viewers will witness the start of a new era. Register now for your exclusive sneak preview... and more."

Detroit Preview: Audi has plans for big showing

The quad-ring obsessives over at Fourtitude have the inside scoop on what Audi plans to unveil in Detroit this January, and enthusiasts stand to benefit from a duo of performance products in the form of an R8 concept and what's likely to be the production version of the TT-S.