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First, Audi announced that it would be offering both its Q7 large SUV and Q5 midsize SUV with optional hybrid powertrains. All summer long, it seemed that the German automaker went back and forth with its Q7, ultimately deciding to focus in on diesel technology in lieu of the hybrid. We were still expecting the Q5 to be offered with a hybrid option, but that now seems to unlikely. Autocar reports that Audi isn't happy with the crash-test performance of its nickel metal hydride batteries, though

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Following the lead of Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan, Volkswagen has announced a major deal with Sanyo to produce lithium-ion batteries. The two companies already have ties, as VW uses Sanyo's nickel-metal hydride batteries in its current hybrid vehicles, such as the upcoming Audi Q7 hybrid. Li-ion batteries are the current cream-of-the-crop when it comes to storing electricity and VeeDub has plans to begin offering vehicles with the high-tech copper tops as early as 2009.

The only thing that seems to be certain about Audi's hybrid plans is that absolutely nothing is certain. Just since the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, Audi officials have said they will build a Q7 hybrid in 2009, then at the Detroit Auto Show in January they said they would build an A4 hybrid instead. In Detroit they showed an A4 hybrid powertrain and Product Mgr, Carter Balkom said that car was coming in 2009. More recently, Audi has indicated they wouldn't build a Q7 hybrid but would inste

Audi's first diesel and hybrid powertrains in the US will be launched in the Q7 next year. The power units will likely trickle down to other vehicles in Audi's range, but they're not yet offering up any details on how prolific this hardware will be. Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche have been working collaboratively to develop the parallel hybrid system, which makes the choice of the Q7 logical, as all three brands share a flavor of the architecture. Hybrid Q7s will be able to power around on the ele

Back on the 25th of July, our sister site Autoblog ran a post which showed what appears to be official pictures of the upcoming Audi A1. Those pictures showed a small Mini Cooper-sized vehicle which may or may not be sold in America. German Car Blog then ran news a few days later saying that the real thing would be shown in Tokyo at the next motor show. None of this was particularly green news ... until now. New reports are coming in that the vehicle shown above, the Audi A1 Speedster, will be s

With strict new emissions standards looming in both the US and Europe, carmakers are hard at work developing new initiatives to curb tailpipe emissions and lower fuel consumption. One of the trendsetters is Audi, which hopes to build the world's cleanest diesel engine and at the same time be the first automaker to offer a diesel model that meets the forthcoming Euro 5 emissions standards. It plans to launch a new range of ultra-clean and efficient TDI engines from the middle of next year, which

We have already passed along news of the impending hybrid drivetrain that will appear on versions of the Porsche Cayenne, and now we hear word that they may show up on the upcoming Porsche Panamera as well. This is logical, as the drivetrain options in the Panamera are expected to mirror those of the Cayenne and both vehicles will be built at the same plant. Details include a 3.6 liter narrow angle V6 engine sourced from Volkswagen and lithium ion batteries providing the juice for the packaged e