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Motorsport For The Sake Of Better Road Cars

Autoblog gets the scoop on Audi's real reason for racing while checking out the races during the 2015 Lone Star Le Mans at the Circuit of the Americas, and works through some rumors about the brand's rumored move to Formula One.


The debate over the next Formula One engine specifications pitted the automakers currently participating in the sport against each other, as some (like Renault) were in favor of the proposed turbo four regulations, and others (like Ferrari and Mercedes) were vehemently against it. But if the latest reports hold any water, it may have come down, not to the existing suppliers, but to courting new ones. One new one, as a matter of fact.

According to Mario Theissen, a number of carmakers are carefully thinking about getting into Formula One. Theissen is head of BMW Motorsports, and after running the Bavarian automakers foray into engine supply in partnership with the Williams team, led the company towards buying the Sauber team wholesale. In a short span of time and with minimal investment, Theissen has transformed the team from a solid midfield contender to a legitimate challenger for the championship alongside McLaren and Ferr