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Audi's version of the VW Passat CC, the A5 Sportback

From the moment the first Mercedes-Benz CLS four-door "coupe" was introduced to the public, other German luxury automakers hit the drafting board. According to the German auto experts at AutoBild, Audi is just over a year away from unleashing its own cleverly packaged sedan. The A5 Sportback would be based off the A4/A5 platform, and takes a little of both models and melds them together. Audi pa

Rendered speculation: Another look at the Audi A5 Sportback

Um, what's a sportback? Is that a hatch? A wagon? A bra? Car just released some new renderings of Audi's upcoming eleventeenth new model, the A5 Sportback. From the pic it looks like a five-door wagon, but that would be an avant in Audi-speak. This one has a less upright back glass and even sports a tiny horizontal deck at the bottom of the glass. Kind of like Mazda offered with the 6, but

Audi ready to milk A5 line with multiple versions

Audi has said that it wants to double the number of vehicles it offers by 2015. With 22 vehicles currently in the mix, adding coupes, convertibles, avants and sportbacks will help significantly expand the range in addition to new models like the Q5 SUV, A7 coupe-like-sedan, and Frank Filipponio