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Bus passengers barely have time to escape before train crash

Passengers on a Georgia bus escaped a huge crash with a train after their bus became stranded on a set of train tracks.‚Äč

Opening Emergency Shoulder To Traffic In Atlanta Leads To Confusion, One Arrest

Former NFL player arrested on first morning of new initiative

A main traffic artery in the metropolitan Atlanta area, the Georgia 400, has been plagued with congestion for years. Hoping to ease the commutes of thousands of area residents, officials decided to open the southbound emergency shoulder to cars during the morning rush hour. During the first morning of implementation, however, drivers experienced frustration, confusion and one high-profile crash and arrest.

Google Gets First Ford Focus Electric Off The Line

It looks like Ford is making new friends in Mountain View. Google received an early holiday present from the Blue Oval to add to their well-known EV fleet. The Focus Electric you see above is actually the first to roll off Ford's completely transformed Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

Bandit Run offers T/A lovers a chance to be Burt for a day

Besides the obvious Smokey avoidance capabilities and river-jumping fun, you might be wondering what else you can do with your newly acquired YearOne Bandit T/A. Well, the good folks at YearOne, along with Restore A Muscle Car, Motortopia, and 78TA.com, have organized the first Ban

Maserati follows Ferrari, opens North American school

Remember in February when we reported Ferrari opening a driving school in Canada? Now 'sibling' Maserati (both manufacturers are owned by Fiat) is opening a school as well, but located a little bit south in the Red, White and Blue.

Video: Civil Obedience at 55 mph-- recipe for disaster?

Most people would agree that driving the double-nickel on the freeway is a recipe for road rage. In an age where commuters gravitate towards a higher calling (that is, around 75 mph), a group of Atlanta drivers under the moniker of 'The Five Year Plan' took this reality to heart, engaging in 'An Extraordinary Act of Civil Disobedience.'