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Aston Actually Makes An App For Drivers

When you're arriving in a twin-turbocharged, twelve-cylinder Maybach limo, there's no reason you should ever have to be late. Except, maybe, to make a fashionable entrance. But up at the corporate level, the entire Maybach brand is being slowed down as critical decisions about its future are being undertaken.

2011 Aston Martin DB9 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Since Ford sold it over a year ago, rumors have been flying around regarding a possible re-sale of Aston Martin by its current owners or a large purchase of shares by Mercedes-Benz. While all of these rumors have been denied, a public offering of the historic British brand has been mentioned in the past and is indeed likely. Aston's current chairman David Richards has again alluded to this option, saying that he'd like the company to go public sometime within the next three years. If you long fo

Last year, Barwell Motorsport's bio-ethanol powered Aston Martin DBRS9 proved green fuels can be competitive in racing. That success did not go unnoticed, and Cadena Motorsport will follow in Barwell's footsteps, converting its yellow DBRS9 to run on the greener juice as well. The British GT Championship's website caught up with Cadena drivers Barrie Whight and Gavan Kershaw. Whight says Aston Martin's racing partners see the use of green fuels as very attractive because it improves their corpor

Aston Martin is not a brand that's ever been associated with fuel efficiency or alternative fuels. However, at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham England next week, they will unveil their latest race car based on their "entry level" Vantage model. The GT2 class Vantage will come delivered ready to run on E85. More racing series are starting to allow the use of ethanol as an alternative to gasoline. All the non-diesel cars in the American Le Mans Series ran E10 in 2007 and several of

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