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It was only in December that we mention Alfa Romeo was planning to open a factory in the United States. We followed that story with another in March when Fiat also mentioned a possibility of Iveco truck production coming to the States. It was in that same month that Fiat Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne told the Financial Times that his company was in talks with major U.S. automakers about sharing production. On Saturday, Alfa Romeo brand chief Luca de Meo told a German magazine that talks were

The timing for the announcement couldn't have come at a better time for Ford Motor Company or the state of Michigan. Just days before the North American International Auto Show opens to the public in Detroit, Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields announced that the company will invest $866 million into four Ford Motor Company manufacturing facilities in southeastern Michigan.

First the Tundra, then a Camry in NASCAR, now they are building trucks in Texas?! The line between domestic and import cars will become even fuzzier as Toyota continues its assault on becoming the number one auto manufacturer in North America and the world.

As Toyota continues to rake in money hand-over-fist, it intends to bolster its fight for the #1 spot by increasing the money it spends on capital investment. The company's latest financial report pegs the automaker's capital spending for the current fiscal year at a whopping $14 billion - a fair amount more than the $12 billion analysts expected. For contrast, consider that General Motors, the current worldwide sales leader, expects to spend only $8.7 billion in its current fiscal year