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Australian road melts and coats car tires in goo

Road to hell is paved with bad asphalt

The Australian ABC network is reporting that up to 50 drivers in north Queensland have had tarmac stick on their tires due to a problem with road surfacing.

Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car

Dutch researchers might have a way for pothole-filled roads to fix themselves, while also solving range anxiety for electric car drivers.

Crappy roads could be in your future, but in a good way

The future may hold roads paved with pig poop.

Cheaper, more durable and greener roads could be on the horizon thanks to a brown ingredient.

Madrid installing nitrogen-oxide capturing asphalt

Cities get some face lifts during summer months, when traffic is lower and most of its dwellers escape for vacations. Such is the case of Spain's capital city Madrid, which is renewing some of the asphalt on its streets with a bituminous mix called noxer that includes titanium oxide. This substance is claimed to capture the nitrogen oxides (NOx) at diesel pumps and catalyzes and stores the resulting less-polluting oxides until they're washed away by rainwater. It uses solar radiation to work and

Solar Roadways update - things are happening with Scott Brusaw's idea

Last September, we told you about the idea for a solar road that would generate power, even when used as normal. Vehicles would drive on the road, but a translucent glass surface backed by photovoltaic solar collectors would suck up the sun's energy into super- and ultracapacitors throughout the day. In some areas at some times, the energy would be used to heat the road and melt snow and ice, but the