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Mere words come up wanting when trying to describe an ASMA Design-tuned Mercedes-Benz. These over-the-top customizations have appeared on this page before, including the CLS Shark I and II, the ML Gladiator II, and the company's original attempt to tune the new S-Class. Now ASMA has turned its designers loose on the 2007 S-Class to create the Eagle I, which we suppose can best be described as what the Mercedes-Benz S-Class would like if it were doing a cameo in the Back to the Future II... sans

Though it looks like the angry older brother of a PT Cruiser, the Gladiator II from ASMA-DESIGN takes that same in-your-face attitude we’ve seen on the company’s CLS and S-Class kits and grafts it on the Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport utility. Though the grille is still a bit ostentatious even for us, the larger dimensions of the M-Class make it better equipped to pull off that special ASMA brand of grand standing. Along with the new grille the Gladiator II gets new fenders, a redesigne