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Bradley takes a ride in the BatCat, a remote controlled telehandler robot used by the Los Angeles Police Department in emergency situations. Equipped with cameras and sensors for navigation via a remote operator, the LAPD's BatCat can lift vehicles and tear down walls with its massive telescopic claw.

Think the Porsche Cayenne has the market cornered on ridiculously fast, large sport-utes? ASI is here to tell you to think again with the new Invader. Based on the Lexus LX570, the ASI Invader packs a host of (largely unspecified) performance and visual upgrades to take the soccer-mom-mobile into serious hot-rodding territory.

What does SEMA mean to you? For most of us, it's a place for the country's top tuners to show their wares to a power-hungry public. But the dark side of SEMA never ceases to rear its ugly head, and further proof will be available at the Toyo booth where the Tetsu GTR Bentley Continental GT will be displayed.