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This bicycle walks like a crab

Creepy or cool?

Creepy or cool?

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The Playa Crawler is art that literally crawls

Creepy, amazing or both?

Creepy, amazing or both?

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Scribit is a wall-crawling personal robot artist

Your walls will never be the same

Your walls will never be the same.

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Tomb of oil barrels floats on London Lake

A commentary on our use of oil? Or just something interesting to look at?

A commentary on humanity's use of oil? Or just something interesting to look at?

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Creating ink from car exhaust

There's no reason saving the planet can't be fun

There's no reason saving the planet can't be fun.

Car sculpted out of snow is realistic enough to fool the police

Cabin fever put to creative use.

Is it a Supra or a DeLorean? Or something different entirely?

Jason Battersby's TIE-X concept is the SR-72 Blackbird of The Empire

Die-hard Star Wars fans might take issue with a few details. The rest of us will ooh and aah.

Artist turns filthy Russian cars into rolling art exhibits

Dirty never looked so good.

Hey, it's better than "Wash Me".

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Tire Sculptures by Blake McFarland | Autoblog Minute

Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Blake McFarland was contacted by Goodyear to create two tire sculptures for the 81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl.

Artist designs car crash proof human body

imagine what a human being from a world where humans evolved to survive car crashes.

Meet Graham. Graham is clearly not like other people. In fact, he's as artificial as they come.

Aston Martin find unique way to recycle scraps of leather

Aston Martin recreated the image of a Vanquish entirely out of scraps of leather from the upholstery workshop. The finished product is perhaps the most stunning exercise in recycling that we've ever seen.

Artist returns with more incredible exploding car photos

There's more to the "Disintegrating" series than meets the eye.

Fabian Oefner announced last month a return to his muse, the car, for the second installment of his photography series 'Disintegration'.

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Meet the biodiesel scam artist with a $15M art collection

The $15-million collection of confiscated art from a biodiesel fraudster will soon hit the auction block at Christie's. A fascinating read tells the story and shows some of these works.

Mazda 787B and Vision Gran Turismo tower over Goodwood in 131-foot sculpture

For the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mazda is creating the annual sculpture. This year it features a 787B and Vision Gran Turismo rising 131 feet over the event on twisting steel beams.

Artist bent out of shape over ticketed warped truck sculpture

A German parking enforcement officer got a laugh last week when they ticketed a sculpture of an impossible object.

Artists reinterpret Rolls-Royce scale models for charity

A dozen artists were asked to create their own pieces based on 1:18 scale models of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, each of which will be auctioned off to raise funds for breast cancer.

Toppled boom crane truck mistaken for sculpture outside Dallas museum

A crane toppled in front the Dallas Museum of Art. However, given its interesting position, some bystanders confused it for a new sculpture.

Nissan really milking this whole glow-in-the-dark Leaf thing

'Self-Portrait' Measures More Than 2,200 Square Feet

Nissan Leaf helps create world's largest glow-in-the-dark painting with its tires.

Chinese farmers build giant Transformers from car parts, scrap metal

A father-son duo in China are using scrap metal and old auto parts to create massive replicas of the robots from Transformers. Watch the video, here.

Elgin Park is a photo-realistic car town, at 1:24 scale

Photographer and model maker Michael Paul Smith has created a nostalgic look at the 1950s in 1/24 scale by combining replicas of classic cars with his own miniature buildings from the fictional town of Elgin Park. As a collection of his work is released in an upcoming book, this short documentary looks at the artist's inspiration for the project.

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