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The Eraole and the Solar Impulse 2 are setting records under harsh conditions.

French pilot Raphael Dinelli will fly solo across the Atlantic using solar power and algal biofuel. Two Swiss pilots are circling the world on solar power alone.


Heidi Hetzer is a serious driver, she always has been.


Ah, those Jules Verne fanatics, you'll find them everywhere. One Tesla Roadster owner last month set upon his own tribute to the author by starting his attempt to drive around the world in – yes – 80 days. Even better, it's now a race to be the first world round trip driver with a standard EV (that "standard" is important, since the Solar Taxi has already made the trip back in 2007-2008, a journey that took 17 months.

Circumnavigation enthusiasts and sun worshippers will finally have a reason to shake their tan and travel-weary hands with one another if the Solar Impulse is to be believed. The French-built HB-SIB solar-powered plane is attempting the world's first sun-powered earth loop some time in 2012 and test runs of the massive eco bird are currently underway. We covered the Solar Impulse in Episode 2.3 of Translogic.