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Suzuki is turning to legal arbiters in the UK in an attempt to force Volkswagen to return its 19.9-percent stake in the Japanese automaker, according to Automotive News Europe. VW purchased the sizable slice of Suzuki in 2009 for around $2.1 billion when the two embarked on a corporate partnership together, but the relationship soon hit trouble. Suzuki accused Volkswagen of failing to deliver on promises of shared technology, while the German manufacturer reportedly took issue with Suzuki opting


Chrysler made the difficult (and controversial) decision in 2009 to close 789 dealerships leading up to the automaker's abbreviated bankruptcy. The move helped Chrysler eliminate some redundancies and limit in-brand competition, but many of the dealers who lost their franchises weren't at all pleased with the move.

According to Automotive News (which is citing four separate yet unknown sources), General Motors is preparing to reinstate more than 580 dealers that had applied for government-mediated arbitration to keep their franchises in the United States. For those keeping track, 580 represents exactly half of the 1,160 dealerships that signed up to go through the arbitration process. These selected dealerships would potentially be reinstated outside the process of arbitration.

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Back in April, Tesla filed a lawsuit against Fisker Automotive for allegedly stealing insider information having to do with the production of an electric vehicle. You may recall that Henrik Fisker was hired to style the Tesla Whitestar sedan, though his designs were ultimately rejected. About a month later, word spread that Fisker had asked to have the lawsuit enter arbitration, and a hearing was set for June 11. Fast forward to today, and the hearing apparently took place as planned and cour