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That demonstration Via Motors made with its extended-range plug-in trucks in San Francisco a few months back must've made some impression. At the Plug In Conference in San Diego, CA last week, the company announced it has won a $20-million contract to supply the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) with its trucks.

It was only a few months ago that we informed you of a really heavy duty electric truck undergoing testing at the Port of Los Angeles. The Nautilus E30 from Balqon must have aced its audition because the company has just officially shown it off to the public at last week's CAPCOA Green Conference and Expo and announced its upcoming commercialization. There are orders for more of the behemoths from the Port of Los Angeles as well as from the AQMD. Union Pacific will incorporate the vehicle into i

At the Transportation Planning Session panel on Friday morning, the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo gave space for a variety of speakers to expound on the broad challenges confronting transportation planners in the region. While the discussion focuses on how LA can improve, there are a lot of areas in the world that face similar problems, so I thought this would be of interest to quite a few readers.

EnergyCS is converting Toyota Prius hybrids to plug-in capability using lithium-ion batteries from Valence Technology for a test with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). AQMD is the air pollution agency for Southern California, and they want to increase the awareness of plug-in hybrids. The test vehicles are using a conversion kit desinged for 2004-07 Prius models. EnergyCS develops the control electronics and combines them with the Saphion phosphate based lithium-ion battery

An official at the South Coast Air Quality Management District says a Toyota Prius converted to a plug-in hybrid is getting 80 to 100 mpg. Matt Miyasato, who is the AQMD's Technology Demonstration Manager, also says he can drive the car 800 miles before hitting the gas pump. The Prius was converted by EnergyCS. Pete Nortman, president and CEO of EnergyCS, says his company has converted 13 Prius models into plug-ins and two are in the hands of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Thre

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), the group responsible for bringing hydrogen Prius hybrids to California, kicks off the Southern California Clean Vehicle Technology Expo today. The two-day event is a chance for transportation and fleet decision makers (people like purchasing directors, maintenance managers, county fleet supervisors and mayors) to get a first-hand view of gas that run on more than standard gasoline. These are cars that many of us wouldn't consider buying: g

Five experimental Toyota Prius sedans were delivered to the City of Santa Monica, California, on Thursday. Why experimental? All the hybrids are fueled by hydrogen gas instead of gasoline as part of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (AQMD) plan to educate the public on hydrogen as a future fuel source. The hybrids will be fueled at hydrogen stations located in Santa Monica, Burbank, Ontario, Riverside, Santa Ana, and the AQMD's headquarters in Diamond Bar.