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Aptera fixes infamous opening door safety issue by simply recessing a button

Automotive X Prize Shakedown Stage showing Aptera 2e in action

Compared to Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage, you park in a Superfund site

No matter which side of the whole Tonight Show host debacle you were on, you still secretly love Jay Leno for his extensive car and motorcycle collection, right? Moreover, you gotta admire his support of green car technologies from plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the Nik Bristow

Report: Aptera raises $9.8 million in new funding, investors not disclosed

SoCalTech is reporting that Aptera Motors has filed information regarding new funding coming in to the company. According to the report, Aptera has raised an additional $9.8 million to help produce its lightweight Aptera 2e vehicle. Six investors have reportedly chosen to pu

Aptera to hold press conference on future outlook next month

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More on the trouble at Aptera, cash may be running out

Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge

President signs bill expanding ATVM program to three wheelers

Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge

Aptera rebuts safety concerns of its three-wheeled 2e

We recently opined about the fact that the Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program excludes vehicles not covered by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The subject specifically came up because Aptera is supporting a bill that would amend the rules of the program to allow alternative vehicles such as its three wheeled Sam Abuelsamid

Aptera acknowledges production delays, major changes

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Aptera likely to miss end-of-year delivery date

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Aptera wins breakthrough award from Popular Mechanics

Now that we're so close to the end of the year, perhaps it is finally fitting to ask: What's the biggest automotive breakthrough of 2008? Popular Mechanics has done just that, and their choice is the Aptera Typ-1e. This is the car that looks like a spaceship and is powered by electricity (with is a hybrid version expected to come sometime next year). Specifications for the electric Aptera pr

Aptera has some questions for you

The Aptera Typ-1 asks a lot of questions of the car-buying public. Are you ready for a flightless bird vehicle? Do you know the difference between the legal crash test requirements of a three-wheeled versus a four-wheeled vehicle? Do you like the n

Google invests $2.75 million in Aptera, ActaCell

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Top 20 green cars we wish we could buy today, Number 6: Aptera Typ 1

We've been following the progress of the Aptera Typ-1 since the beginning and it has been great to watch the car move from an early drawing to rough prototype to pre-production thing of beauty. We've watched it being test driven by Popular Mechanics (we're still jealous) and the L.A.Times (our turn, hello!!!) and reported its appearances in a Touc

New York 2008: Best rumor heard at the show = Aptera in Star Trek

Out of the 60+ teams signed up to potentially participate in the Progressive Automotive X Prize, there were four teams that brought cars to the big announcement at the New York Auto Show last week. One team we would have liked to see was Aptera with their Type I three-wheeler. But the vehicle was a no-show. But, and here's the crazy rumor part, a little bird told me that the reason for the absence was that the car was involved