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You can now relive your trackday moments on your smartphone.


160 cities are currently supported, but more could be added in the future.

You don't even have to have a Ford to use it.


A recent trademark application suggests that Lamborghini could put the radical one-off Egoista concept into production.


If you've ever pondered on whether an Apache helicopter is faster than a Bugatti Veyron, a father and son duo have come up with an iPad app that can help you out with your quandary. The What's Faster app lines up over 625,000 comparisons across a total of 32 categories, including everything from cars and motorcycles to commercial aircraft and South American roller coasters. The game pairs selections from each category and asks the user to pick the quickest to proceed. Get in a bind, and you can


Toyota Belgium has just launched a new campaign for the Toyota RAV4 Black Edition that allows participants to earn discounts for the vehicle based on their location. Smartphone users download the RAV4 Adventure Discount App, travel to a so-called adventurous location within Belgium and sign in with the application. The app then calculates a discount based on just how daring you are. While far-flung wilderness locations are an obvious choice for big discounts, Toyota has hinted there are plenty o

The eBay Motors smartphone application has a clever new feature. Users can now take a photo of any car they see on the street and the app will find similar listings for them automatically. Want to know how much that 2005 BMW M3 in the parking lot is going for right now? Just point and shoot. We tested the app ourselves and found it to be fairly accurate. It had no trouble honing in on a Toyota Sienna, but struggled a bit with editor-in-chief John Neff's 1991 Ford Taurus SHO.

Toyota is looking to meld the smartphones with the television in a new ad campaign. The automaker is giving fans a chance to win two Camrys in new promotion that uses the Shazam mobile app in conjunction with a TV spot. When the commercial airs, viewers simply fire up Shazam and enter the giveaway. (They can also enter the sweepstakes online.) Toyota says the program is the first and largest of its kind to use Shazam.


Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG has acquired a 15-percent stake in smartphone application publisher MyTaxi, marking the German automaker's continued willingness to invest in transportation-related businesses that don't actually focus on selling vehicles to customers.